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Concordia Hospital ER Must Remain Open

Jim Maloway with Constituents working to Keep Concordia ER Open

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Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood and Jason Schreyer, City Councillor, and friends at Concordia Hospital
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Concordia Hospital's Emergency Room (ER) serves over 150,000 Manitobans in Northeast Winnipeg and Transcona with around 30,000 patients seeking treatment annually. The Provincial Government is eliminating the Concordia ER and will force 30,000 patients to fight their way to the already over-stressed St. Boniface ER and the Health Sciences ER. Concordia Hospital's ER is one of three ERs being closed in the City.

Combined with the additional visits from Victoria Hospital's 30,000 and Seven Oaks Hospital's 40,000 ER patients, every year a total of 100,000 Winnipeggers will have to fight their way to the remaining three ERs, fighting traffic, increased parking problems and fees, just to wait at existing over-stressed ERs. These over-stressed remaining three ERs are expected to take up these extra 100,000 treatment visits without properly increasing their capacity to handle them. The result will be chaos in our health care system.

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