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The ‘Keep Concordia ER Open’ campaign’s two year fight is making a difference…

 …And it will continue until the Concordia ER is fully reinstated with its crucial ICU (Intensive Care Unit).


The last-minute ‘quick fix’ of downgrading of Concordia Hospital ER to Urgent Care on June 3rd, 2019 without an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was not based on proper planning or good patient care. It was a political calculation with the hope of ending the public fight against the Pallister PC emergency health care cutbacks.

Let’s keep the pressure on!


The Urgent Care now at Concordia Hospital doesn’t have an ICU (Intensive Care Unit). An ICU is the heart and soul of a Hospital’s emergency services. The Pallister PC plan has left the entire quadrant without timely access to this crucial service. It needs to be reinstated.

When an emergency happened within Concordia Hospital, ER staff and equipment were available on site. Now it’s gone.

Keeping the ICU at Concordia Hospital is also crucial to its Hip and Knee Institute, and its removal has been red-flagged publicly by the orthopedic physicians.

Imagine having an emergency issue at Concordia, especially during a routine medical procedure, and having to call an ambulance to take you to St. Boniface’s or Health Science Centre’s ERs, already congested with more patients. This is our immediate emergency health care future if the Pallister PCs have their way.

Our area of Winnipeg has doubled in size since the Concordia ER was first established. Common sense tells us we need a fully reinstated ER with staffing levels and service improved.

Statement Re: ER Closure Announcement,  May 2019

Pallister PCs Concordia ER Closure Plan Falling Apart. We have them on the run!

Concordia Hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) serves over 150,000 Manitobans in northeast Winnipeg with around 30,000 patients seeking treatment annually.

The Provincial Government’s original plan to eliminate the Concordia ER would force 30,000 patients to fight their way to the already overstressed St. Boniface ER and the Health Sciences ER.

Concordia Hospital’s ER is one of the three ERs being closed in the city.

These three remaining ERs (St.Boniface, Health Sciences, and Grace) cannot absorb the increased patient volume because of the government’s faulty planning. Recently wait times have been growing. Wait times for surgeries, including hip and knee replacement and cataracts are actually worse today than two years ago.

Faced with overwhelming public opposition and their poor planning, the Pallister PCs knew they had to do something, so on May 16th, 2019 they dealt with the Concordia ER issue immediately by announcing Concordia ER services would end in six weeks to be replaced by an Urgent Care. When they realized this time-frame was not workable, they moved for early closure June 3rd in order to resolve staffing issues.

They are going to keep the crucial ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in place until the end of June, and, we hear, through the summer months to avoid public relations issues during the election campaign slated to end September 10th.

The Pallister PC Government is in full damage control on its failed health care cuts. We know the downgrade is not based on proper planning. It’s a diversion to get this Government past the upcoming election and not related to good patient care.

We will continue to press for the complete reinstatement of a true Emergency Room at Concordia Hospital because it makes good sense. Downgrading the role of Concordia Hospital in our community is not acceptable.

Latest News:

Recent articles on the emergency health care chaos unfolding:

Winnipeg Free Press Editorial Board, June 20, 2019

“Instead, with increasing urgency and negative connotation daily, Mr. Pallister will be perceived by some as the premier who made a bollocks of health-care reform. The past week’s headlines alone have delivered enough bad news to fuel an opposition party’s entire attack-advertising strategy: St. Boniface Hospital’s emergency department “critical and unsafe”; Concordia Hospital’s “seriously low morale”; consultant Dr. David Peachey’s assessment that the province’s health-care restructuring “should be paused immediately while the underpinning process undergoes ‘repair and restore’ activities”; a Manitoba family’s cry that their mother’s death in St. Boniface was a direct result of its ER being overloaded and under-resourced.”

Notable news story:

ER Congestions problems begin.

ER chaos, bed crunch at St. Boniface cause for alarm: physician

Winnipeg Free Press, June 14, 2019


May 20th, 2019

Keep Concordia ER Open Victoria Day Rally

The Keep Concordia ER Open Committee held a Victoria Day Rally at Columbus House today to let area residents express their feelings about the imminent closure of the Concordia ER. The last ditch effort by the Pallister PCs to put in an ‘Urgent Care’ is an unacceptable downgrade in emergency health services in northeast Winnipeg, and they will accept nothing less than the full service ER in this part of the City as it exists at this very day. Thanks to CBC French for airing this story nationally today and CTV for covering this event.

CTV News May 20, 2019 Concordia ER Rally 5:33 min on CTV Evening News




More Delays! May 2, 2019

Concordia Hospital ER closure to be reviewed

Eight times the PC Minister refused to answer questions on the closure date of the Concordia ER in the Manitoba Legislature during Estimates. A few hours later, the Health Minister reveals the closure is “under review”.

Hospital reorganization to undergo ‘quality assurance assessment’

Winnipeg emergency room wait times will keep climbing, says WRHA


Hansard, Wednesday Dec. 5, 2018

Jim Maloway calls the Legislature’s attention to the ending of general surgery at Concordia Hospital during the holidays and the diversion of ambulances from its ER.  The Speaker interrupts Jim to remind him that calling MLAs by their first names is not permitted. Is the Speaker suggesting ‘Grinch’ is the first name of each of the PC MLAs in northeast Winnipeg? Grinch Micklefield? Grinch Cox? Grinch Teitsma? Grinch Yakimoski?



“As NDP MLA Jim Maloway says, many residents of Northeast Winnipeg and Transcona have been asking about the PC MLAs they elected in the 2016 election. Residents want to know why the Conservative members from Rossmere, River East, Radisson and Transcona are going along with this ridiculous idea to close the Concordia ER.” Hansard, Nov. 5, 2018 

Latest News

Haphazard Concordia ER ICU closures too risky city MD past patient warns

Pallister PCs begin diverting ambulances from Concordia ER

Some ambulances to be sent elsewhere ahead of Concordia ER closure

-CTV News Nov. 30, 2018 Also:

Comments Section

New Comments Fall 2018

St. Boniface ER was always full prior to any WRHA hospital ward closures or re-designations.  St B wait times were already 2 to 4 hours, same as any other City ER.  So how is sending even more people to St. B’s going to improve wait times?    With the exception of Archibald St. & Lagimodiere Blvd, most street routes to St. Boniface ER, from Elmwood and Transcona, will involve a railroad crossing.  I hope it never happens that a panicking family enroute to ER in their family vehicle becomes stuck at a train crossing, say Marion St or Panet Rd, due to forgetting to take Archibald St, and a tragedy occurs. Sadly, during my last visit to St. B’s in 2015 or 2016, in the mid evening hours, the wait room was dirty (walls & chairs) and ambulances where placing new arrivals in the hall directly behind the triage desk.  I am thankful for the hospital facilities and staff of St. B’s, Concordia and all others.  I sincerely hope that Concordia ER remains open, it brings me peace of mind and makes for a better city. – C.C.

3 yrs. ago I fell on ice in my back yard, hitting my head on the concrete. Went to Conc. E.R. had a cat scan and repaired my broken head.broken head. Came home 2 hrs. later and thanked God that we had an E.R.out this way. By the way, as I was leaving the Hosp., 2 more patients came in with similar head on ice probllems. Keep this E.R. open ’cause just like Eaton’s, once it’s gone, it’s gone. – D.O.

I’ve been to many hospitals in Winnipeg, and without a doubt, Concordia has given me and my health challenged late daughter the best care one could possibly hope for. K.H. I agree that this issue in important enough that a REFERENDUM should be had.  It is MORE IMPORTANT than having Portage & Main re-open to pedestrian foot traffic. – C.C.

Please do not close Concordia hospital, it is an integral service for north east Winnipeg.   J.G.

It is essential that we continue to have an ER in our area of Winnipeg. It is unacceptable that our Concordia ER will be closing. T.H.

Disappointed in the lack of planning to look after the needs of east Winnipeg.  A.M.

As a chronic illness patient who often needs emergency medical care, I beg of you to please look at this again. Losing the Concordia ER would be so extremely detrimental to so many people. If it closes, I have to look at moving closer to St. Boniface Hospital and that’s not right. Leaving this huge area of the city unprotected is ludicrous. D.L.H.

My wife suffers from a disease called Gastroparesis, which in turn has many different symptoms some of which require care to be a lot closer than St Boniface Hospital as it is urgent and they are always able to get her in to be taken care of quickly at Concordia. We can not always get to St Boniface Hospital as cabs are way to expensive to take to that particular location and it takes twice as long even longer sometimes to get there if urgent care is needed. This hospital has been serving this community since my birth and it was a vital part of my growing up as they had one of the better asthma centers. I had exertion asthma so I spent a fair bit of my childhood and some adult life in that emergency ward. It would be detrimental to our area to remove the emergency ward as it also serves as the only medical center in this end of our city. Countless families require it to stay here not just mine. – J.

There is no emergency in all of north Winnipeg. It is continuously growing and expecting people to ignore family and community play a huge part in one’s recovery is not acceptable! Emergency care is not easily accessible to the people in north Winnipeg and if you look at the people it serves you would see how important it is!   C.D.

As a person who lives in this community I find it extremely disturbing that we do not have access to any 24/7 emergency services! You are literally just shifting hallway medicine from one facility to another! Wait times are already ridiculous and to expect someone who lives down the street from Concordia to now have to drive to the Grace is unthinkable.  K.R.

This is the closest emergency for my family and those in the area. Its imperative should an emergency rise to get somewhere fast. St. B is not fast! L. After working there for 37 years I can’t believe they are going to close. It would be better to teach people to only use it as an emergency department not for non-emergent issues. J.F.

Eastern Winnipeg and Manitoba are being short-changed…. We need an ER to fulfill the emergency needs of Winnipeg, Transcona, the Whiteshell and all of northeast and southeast Manitoba. I.D. Area is growing…new homes and families moving in constantly! We need this ER! – J.W.

I feel we pay taxes like the rest of the province and we should be availed the same service qualities. We are we to go after the walk in clinic is closed? – A.N. Concordia ER has been a valuable resource for me personally. I appreciated the quick and efficient care I was given when I fell and broke my arm. R.D.

Went by ambulance to Concordia ER this summer.  Thank God it was still open!!!!!  Hope it will be there the next time my family needs it. C.S. Too many health care cuts. Keep Concordia E.R. open.  M.H. We need to keep Concordia hospital open. As a senior I need to know there’s help nearby.  H.K.

It will be detrimental to close Concordia, not only to the immediate area, but will affect the entire city and surrounding areas.  It makes no sense to close hospitals in a growing city that desperately needs them. – D.S.

I would not have survived if I had to wait longer both times I presented to Concordia, they saved me and I am grateful.  Hospital wait times are ridiculous now and closing another ER will cause unnecessary deaths. H.P.

We are a large area serviced by Concordia Hospital and we need to keep our ER open otherwise many more people will die especially if they need to be transferred to St .Boniface or? – J.C. We need it to see stay. I was just there and had a 5 hr wait. What will be like for other hospitals? R.D.

The Northeast part of the city needs an emergency department or, at the very least, an urgent care. This part of the city has grown so much over the last few years and if the government closes the emergency department at Concordia Hospital, we will be the only area of the City of Winnipeg that does not have any emergency and/or urgent care services for our residents.  The government is not listening to its constituents and is not acting in our best interests.   C.H.

I have used the E.R. at Concordia  and feel it is a necessary service for this area. I drove myself to the hospital and there was a wait but not as much of a wait as at a larger E.R. I have been a staff nurse at both St, B. and Concordia hospital and I know that an emergency services should be available without a long drive to get there. K.G.

We need Concordia to stay open. As we are aging we need a hospital nearby to provide emergency and urgent care for us. Without Concordia, waiting times will be lengthened at the designated hospitals. Staff will be more harried and thus this will detract from positive experiences. L..F.

We are getting more and more people in this area and there are already a lot off walk in clinics.  We definitely need an ER at  the Concordia Hospital. My family has used this ER for a few serious emergencies in the past and it would not have been very good to have to drive to St. Boniface for help.  Let’s keep CONCORDIA OPEN!!  M.H.

Highly competent service.  One of the busiest ER’s. E.K. Very much needed.  Highly in demand ER.  J.F.

The growing development of North East Kildonan/Transcona area is rapid considering the rise of numerous subdivisions in the area which means in a few years time the population will bloat and increase in a much larger number. The present government should anticipate these factors in such a way that an emergency facility within the area should be available to cater the needs of its growing population. KEEP CONCORDIA EMERGENCY OPEN !!!  C.M. Fight to keep it open! We need the Emergency room in this end of the city! K.H.

As a senior, it is important to me to be able to go closer to Concordia emergency.  Thank you. B.H.

In the last month I had to call an ambulance twice to take my husband to Concordia ER.  My husband and I both worked hard and paid all taxes for many, many years, now that we need the service of an ER close by, they are taking it away.  That is so unfair.  The North East population has grown so much over the years, we should be expanding services not taking them away. Thank you Jim and Jason for fighting for us. You are greatly appreciated. A.S.

Concordia Hospital should remain open.  It is off a major highway (59) that is regularly used for commuters heading south and for most people heading off to cottages at the lake.  It is a very busy highway and there are many accidents that happen on it.  It is very easy to get to from the highway without having to go through the city at all.  In emergencies valuable time  is lost going through the city, especially at rush hours.  The people in north-east Winnipeg should have adequate help in all emergencies and if Concordia is closed we will not get it.  The west end of the city and the south are well covered, what about the northeast.  Our area is growing and expanding and we will need more help in the future, not less.  Mr. Pallister, please reconsider your decision and do what is right. E.P.

Concordia should remain open as an Emergency Response Hospital to look after the people in & around North-East Winnipeg as it has for the last 44 years. Health care is the most important issue right now due to our aging population & as a baby boomer that would include me. Having an ER close to our homes. D.W.

Please keep Concordia ER Open, because what are we doing in the time from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am when there is an emergency?? Drive around the city to get help elsewhere?? We are elderly people and depend on the ER at Concordia!!! D. & M. S.

Keep working for us – We appreciate your help – This new government is nuts…C.V. Health care cuts have followed Pallister from the Filmon days.  Now he is starting on Education. Then Hydro privatization following the next expensive political consultant report. All in the name of reducing the budget. Some people don’t realize government is in the business of providing services to its people, not making a profit for itself and its business supporters….Blue Bombers, Jets, contractors, lawyers, and consultants. Those even stated publically that they did not need government support. Perhaps having someone who has only used other peoples’ money to make his fortune is not the best person to look after the needs of the majority of Manitoba. J.H.

We need to keep an emergency hospital in the east part of the city. Why should we have to drive all the way to St.James, Saint Boniface or to Health Science Center, which are over crowded already,  when there’s one very capable place within the boundaries of our area J.W.

It’s extremely important to keep Concordia hospital ER opened to serve people in this area. Clousure of it is a quite wrong decision.  Thanks  E.B.

I sent a letter to Mr Maloway a few years ago expressing my concerns as to keeping the E R open at Concordia Hospital.  Please check it out.  Concordia Hospital  ER should remain open in my opinion and I do have proof as my aging parents required the hospital prior to their demise and I can only say that we were treated with dignity and respect.  Thank you, J.M.

My recent emergency (March/18)(pneumonia and not breathing–pulmonary embolism) via ambulance to Concordia saved my life. I would not have lived if a further hospital were needed. I have had 2 similar incidents for each of the 2 preceding years (pulmonary embolism).  Close access for ER is needed in all communities in Wpg. M.Y.

I was transported to Concordia by ambulance in the past month and they now have the ekg and blood work area right by the admitting desk. My tests were done promptly and I was very impressed with how I was treated.  This hospital is critical to our area.  I do not want to travel to St. Boniface or Health Science Centre and time is of the essence in situations. S.M. My husband went to Concordia about 4 months ago, as advised by the 311 contact and immediately received attention from the nursing staff.  He continued to be assessed while he waited for the lone Doctor to get to him – 8 hours later.  We felt he was looked after as well as could be but given the number of patients, it is obvious there is a need for a hospital to serve this area of the city.   D.K.

Hospital is built scattered in the city so it will be accessible to everyone. Closing any emergency care is not the right move. E.C.

Treat the north end of the city properly! D.M. Ridiculous to close ER at Concordia I worked as a firefighter for 26 years and the wait times at all the hospitals are way to long.I am retired and recently had a heart incident,went to St. B and waited 7 hours to see a doctor. Closing more ERs is just going to make thing worse! S.R. This location is busy enough to keep it open &  if it takes ’emerge’ patients, it will be less strain on St. Boniface which won’t then get the Transcona -E.K. & nearby people.  Wait times are too long there now while Concordia is still open..  Besides a good ’emerge’ is well in place there already [ at Concordia] so why not leave ‘well enough alone’??? R.& V.  W.

Why should NE Winnipegers be denied deserved medical services……maybe the present fascist provincial government needs to be booted out next election……..and shouldn’t they all lose their teeth but one for a painful toothache?  N. & S. G.

It is an essential part of the community without question — the needs of the people should be put before saving dollars.     I understand the need to amalgamate services but there is a need for more than a couple emergency rooms in the entire city – common sense would tell you that. S.I. The Concordia ER should remain open so that people do not have to travel too far in order to get to an emergency room in an emergency situation. – D. H.

Concordia Doctors saved my life.  There wasn’t time to get to another hospital. I was dying. B.S.

When my husband was in critical condition.. and there wasn’t time to get him to St. Boniface Hospital.  I was so thankful for  Concordia for being so close to home. The doctors and nurses there saved his life.  We were told he would not have made it alive if he went to a hospital farther away from our home. C. S.

Keep it open or lose my vote. D.S. I am a senior and Concordia is the easiest and the best hospital for me to get to. They have everything there that I need. They are the best. I could die just trying to find a parking spot at St. Boniface, If I did find one it is a long walk back to the hospital. I’ve had both hips replaced. They’re pretty good but not that good, I cant afford $30.00 each way to get there. B.R.

ABSOLUTELY  the ER has saved several  people  in my family  as well  as myself. The service  was  outstanding !!!  D.C.

Absolutely agree! North East Winnipeg and surrounding rural communities lives will be in jeopardy if no emergency services are available in a timely manner. A huge number of patients arrive at the doors of an emergency department with potentially life threatening/life altering health problems.  Many people can not afford to wait for first responders due to the expense, fear they live too far away and quicker to drive, out in the community when disaster strikes…going further to St Boniface Hospital will most certainly lead to preventable deaths . I will personally sue the PC government if a delay in care contributes to a loved ones death or harm because of the closing of Concordia ER. At least if it was an urgent care facility, emergency, stabilizing help may be availble…maybe !!  M. & B. G.

We have lived in this area for 57 years and have used Concordia for emergencies a number of times. There is a great need in our area for those who need immediate attention as well those who are visiting patients. Why do we need to travel outside or area when we have a reliable hospital in our neighbourhood? This hospital also serves a larger area in the north east district. Our cottage is in the north east and when my wife had a stroke the ambulance service took her directly to Concordia rather than the other hospitals which would have added at least another 20 precious minutes to the trip! R.K.

We really need an emergency hospital in this side of the city esp. when the majority of our population consist of elderly and children. M.V. R.

We have 6 people in the house if we need hospital is the closest one and all the new Development in my area come up . And we pay lots of Property tax in the new houses, and we can’t have a E.R. open in our area? G. L. We have no hospital even near and seniors are being penalized by closing of hospital and we should have a say.  This hospital is a must in this area not just a walk in. T.K.

Was recently there & was thinking that I can’t imagine this emergency closed. We so desperately need this service. I wish premier Pallister would live a day & a life in this ward to see how badly we need it. He never has to worry about a service like this because of who he is. We’re 2nd class citizens & of course he’s 1st class. Not fair & no justice. L.R. Essential service for North and East Kildonan, Transcona, Birds Hill. D.C.

We HAVE to keep it open for decent health care for everyone in Northeast Winnipeg! A.G.

From Health Professionals:

“I am a medical nurse and concerned with my career in the medical field. Concordia has been given a bad rap on ER wait times as unfortunately we do not have as many rooms as HSC and SBGH to hide our patients in rooms. You wait 4 to 5 hours in a room at these other hospitals to see a doctor where as at Concordia unfortunately you sit in the waiting room. How will closing our ER affect the other wait times in the other ER’s that will remain open?”        K.D.

“The impending closure of the Concordia ER, will leave roughly 100 patients a day with no access to emergency or urgent care. Working in the emergency room, I have seen he minutes do matter, the time it takes to stabilize a patient with chest pain, respiratory distress, a drug overdose, etc. The numerous patients who, had we not been there, would not be alive today. Leaving northeast Winnipeg with absolutely no emergency care is a scary thought. Although Concordia is a small hospital, it serves a large area. Patients from East Kildonan, Elmwood, North Kildonan, Valley Gardens, the rapidly expanding Transcona, and surrounding rural areas will all have to drive to another over worked hospital. The articles the papers have put online also have some false information. The government told us they are planning on basing our new system off a more efficient health care system in Calgary. Calgary doesn’t have 3 emergency rooms. A quick google search shows that it has 5. Calgary also has 5 urgent cares. Calgary also doesn’t have the same patient demographic that Winnipeg does. This audit and decision was made comparing apples and oranges. A strong push to keep Concordia ER open is urgently required.” “I live in Transcona and work at hsc. Closing the Concordia er is going to affect my ability to receive emergency care without having to drive over 30 minutes to get to a hospital. Hsc already has a hard time keeping up with the amount of patients that they receive, closing the Concordia er is just going to cause more problems for the wait times at hsc and st b..”

“As a member of North Kildonan for 25 years and also an employee at Concordia Hospital, I realize the vital need we have for good medical care in our community. Patient care will be compromised and people WILL die from increased travel distance to nearest hospital. We should not have to go without quick emergency services. Other cities have distributed their hospitals more evenly and left room for expansion in order to run less hospitals. We don’t have room to increase capacity and we aren’t distributed evenly across winnipeg, so there is not equal access to care. This is a disgrace and in the least we should have an urgent care. We need our emergency room.”

“As a former staff nurse at Concordia 40 years service, I am very familiar with the services Concordia provides for the north east section of the city. I practiced in the Intensive care unit, the recovery room and vascular access service. I am very concerned about physician coverage that is required for an acute care facility. an emerg physician was present 24 hrs a day for any emergent event occurring on the wards, a requirement for any hospital that is undertaking surgeries and acutely ill patients with medical issues. The joint program is an extremely busy service that provides joint replacement through surgical procedures that require physician monitoring. No emergency means no in house physician 24 hours each day. How does the wrha expect to maintain safe standards of care with no in house physician for post op patients, icu coverage and ward emergencies.”


“Concordia ER needs to stay. Developers are putting up subdivisions in Transcona and East Kildonan areas, an indicator that in a few years population in these areas will balloon and needs an ER that could cater these developments and others neighbouring areas.”  – C.M.

“At minimum Concorda must be a 7/24 Urgent Care.” – P.F.

“There should be a process of elimination in place to redirect nuisance or minor ailments in order not to cause congestion in the ERs. This would most certainly eliminate lengthy wait times for more serious issues.” – L.F. “We need ER or at least Urgent Care facility in our area. Concordia has been a lifesaver to our family for three generations over the years. From broken bones to life threatening allergic reactions and heart attack.” – R & M.D.

“Strongly oppose closing the ER, at least give us urgent care! As a senior, I have used both Concordia ER and Moseri urgent care and would hate to see how long a wait I woild gave at St. B. Work hard on this please.” – C.R.

“Why do the regional health authorities continue to exist when they are sucking millions and millions of dollars that could be used for front line health care??” – C.N.

“The closing of ER’s and Urgent Care facilities makes absolutely no sense to me. Transcona is a growing community and the closures will not result in better care but more congestion and longer wait times. At the very least, we need an Urgent Care unit to replace the ER if it is indeed closed.” – S.C.

“The closing of ER’s and Urgent Care facilities makes absolutely no sense to me. Transcona is a growing community and the closures will not result in better care but more congestion and longer wait times. At the very least, we need an Urgent Care unit to replace the ER if it is indeed closed.” -D.D.

“I’m not sure what is happening with other hospital closures but we really need Concordia emergency kept open. Even though you seem to wait for a long time at least there’s one for many people to go to. I live in Transcona and I usually go there and if it’s to long of a wait then St . Boniface is my second choice. I hope that one(St . Boniface) doesn’t close either.” – M.S.

“You’ve saved many members of my family on many occasions! Thank you so much! “ – C.D.

“Critical patients will die in ambulances before they can reach the remaining hospitals especially if they come from out of town when Selkirk is on a red redirect.” – A.C.

“Concordia Er is a staple for the community. It serves such a vast number of people from Winnipegers to rural community both of perimeter to the reserves up north. Closing the department is like a slap in the face for the community and shows the lack of caring the wrha and government has for the people in Rhodes areas. People are going to die and clearly their lives don’t matter to the government and the wrha. Keep the department open!!!! The rumor of the Er having the wt time longest in the country is now false and they have improved leaps and bounds. The community needs access close access to 24 hr care….. at least an urgent care centre.” – J.B.

“The ERs at both St. Boniface and Health Sciences are already overflowing with patients. I cannot see how closing the ERs in the suburbs is going to make wait times shorter. If, as has been suggested, the wait times are so long because there aren’t enough beds available….create more bed space!! Don’t consolidate the ERs, dislocate people from their communities, create an additional parking problem at the two teaching hospitals where there is already a dearth of parking and where parking is very costly for the families of those who are in ER. Has anybody consulted with the doctors and nurses for suggestions as to how to improve wait times? Usually these decisions are taken without input from the frontline people who are stuck with whatever system is foisted on them by politicians. “ – M.F.

“Time is of the essence. You cannot remove an ER from a growing part of the city… It is wrong. We need an ER or Urgent Care. Bethania, 3x assisted living apartments and hip & knee centre for what… Nothing? We need care in the Kildonans.” -K

“For decades, Concordia ER has taken care of the emergency needs of myself, members of my family and friends. Retaining the ER at Concordia Hospital is critical. Closing it is shameful! In the immediate neighbourhood of this hospital is an aging population: River East Personal Care Home and other retirement/care housing adjacent are filled with senior citizens who REQUIRE EMERGENCY CARE ON A REGULAR BASIS!! Brian Pallister is risking the lives of all citizens living in the N.E. Winnipeg and Transcona areas of this city. Lives will be lost during those precious minutes that count the most enroute to St. Boniface Hospital. The cost of expansion of emergency response teams, treatment rooms and equipment in order to increase paramedic and St. Boniface’s capacity to receive emergency patients from N.E. Winnipeg and Transcona will exceed any financial benefit Mr. Pallister expects by closing Concordia’s ER. Saving lives matters Mr. Pallister! Shame on you for putting me, my family and friends, and all the affected citizens of these communities at risk.”  -D.D.

“This is a death sentence for future patients!!!” – L.D.

“I think it is ludicrous to shut down the ER. When a person has limited time to get a life saving drug for stroke, going so much farther reduces that reversibility.” -J.C.

“Emergency wards are REQUIRED in ALL parts of the city.” -K.K.

“We need some kind of ER in our community, Quit playing some kind of political games with our health care. What are we second or third class citizens? “ – W. & I.M. “My mother would not be alive today if there had been no ER at Concordia Hospital when her allergy manifested and she had her first violent allergy attack.” – K.W.

“I just can’t imagine having an emergency living out in transcona by the perimeter and having an ambulance come from and go to st boniface it’s just common sense. – S.B.

“In June of 2015 and again in August 2016 my son was taken by ambulance to Concordia ER having collapsed at home from the effects of his chronic end stage lung disease. They treated and stabilized him to get to ICU. Tragically, we lost him in October of 2016 at the heartbreaking age of only 19 but there is no doubt in my mind that it would have been a lot sooner if Concordia ER had not been there for us and we had had to risk the extended travel time to another hospital.” -M.C.

“Very concerned re closing of Conc. ER, should at least keep as urgent care, cannot leave this large area with no medical assistance!”  – L.K.

“At minimum the North East sector deserves an Urgent Care, there is no infrastructure in place to handle the increased traffic to St Boniface and HSC. This leaves us very vulnerable.”-J.W.


“Concordia saved my like when I had a heart attack If I had to be taken across town I might not be so lucky. “ -A.Z.

“This is a vital service for our community. To leave all of the north east side of Winnipeg without any medical care will have detrimental outcomes! What about the vulnerable that now have to travel downtown to revive any medical service! When minutes count this is not safe patient care!”-S.T.

“I think it’s ridiculous that our entire area will no longer even have an urgent care centre. If they have to close the ER why aren’t we getting an urgent care centre like the other 2 hospitals? Seems very political since that area is very much NDP. I do not like my health wellbeing to be used as pawn as a tool of revenge politically.”-K.W.

“The wait times in all ER’s are horrendous already – how is this supposed to alleviate that problem? There is no parking now at St. Boniface or Health Sciences Centre – yet another problem. We need our ER as they provide an essential service and there is a housing growth in this area that would support this.” – S.I.

“Look at this area and how it is growing there would be no health care after hours or for emergencies in the area I use Concordia ER for my mother and keeping her in her community is huge for her sense of wellbeing and keeping her home.”- V.W.

“Keep the ER open. If people arrive with non-emergency issues, the ER personnel should send them somewhere else. Also perhaps we should have walk in clinics that are open 24/7 so that non emergency situations have a place to go rather than to emergency.” – D.S.

“Closing these emergency rooms and intensive care units (which the news and government aren’t telling anyone) won’t solve anything. It will just make it worse. It’ll bottleneck the other hospitals and strain the staff even more. You say saving money isn’t the purpose but this will not improve patient care. Unless you don’t care about patient care then this plan is great. But there isn’t even a thought out plan. No input from local heath care professionals or they community. Just people making big choices with no evidence or data to show for it.” – A.J.

“Common sense tells me it will be a longer wait and time getting to another hospital and to get some assistance.” – L.R.

“Not only will the two tertiary hospitals in Winnipeg be affected so will hospital ERs outside the Perimeter be affected with overflow of patients needing to make initial contact with the healthcare system ( think ..Selkirk and Stonewall )”. -A.M.

“As a previous resident of the North Kildonan community, I have had many family members visit the Concordia ER for serious medical emergencies. Closing the ER will definitely be problematic for these parts of the city. Different actions should take place instead, such as having more medical personnel and doctors available.” -E.G.

“Concordia ER also serves the residents of East St. Paul, St. Clements, East Selkirk, Beausejour, and Garson just to name a few other areas. Closing Concordia effects all the north east side residents causing longer travel times which in turn could cause long term detrimental health problems.”-A.B.

“Concordia services a huge rural area! Closing the ER department is a foolish move and will not better anythings. Location is a huge factor here we need an ER in this area of the city!”-M.

“East and North Kildonan have so few services to begin with. We are losing grocery stores and have no close shopping access–the nearest being Kildonan Place area, a 20 minute drive. Do not take our hospital away from us too.”-L.S.

“The er is an important for our end of town and for the baby boomers in this area.we need this faculty.”-M.S.

“The er is an important for our end of town and for the baby boomers in this area.we need this faculty.”-K.R.

“The er is an important for our end of town and for the baby boomers in this area.we need this faculty.”-J.W.

“It is crazy that they are shutting down ER’s. I believe that current ER’s need to stay open.” – B.A.

“I think this site should remain open. I have lots of friends on the north end of the city so I drive through town a lot and the distance from North Kildonan to another hospital is much to far for an Emergency. This site needs to remain open to support those living on the north side of Winnipeg.” – E.S.

“The time it will take to go to another hospital could mean your life!!” – S.T.

“By closing the ER will not save money. It will just over crowd the other ones and result in way longer wait times.” – R.

“The people of that area have lost enough programs this year . Closing the ER will just be another nail in the coffin of East kildonan …Elmwood….Transcona.. Know your demographic before you make such decisions.” – S.S.

“Closer to my home. Easy access. Clean area. Parking are good area. Thank you.” – G.D.

“With the significant increase in the length of ambulance rides from Transcona. There will be an increase in loss of life. Which is not necessary.” – K.G.

“With the significant increase in the length of ambulance rides from Transcona. There will be an increase in loss of life. Which is not necessary.” – K.S.

“We do not need more Urgent Care, we NEED a qualified Emergency Dept for the East end of the city.” – D.S.

“If it does not remain an ER it should at least be a urgent care open 24 hrs. I have personally made use of this ER on several occasions and have always had excellent service from friendly and professional staff. “ -D.F. “We are entitled to healthcare access in our area..” E & D.K.

“This ER has been there for my family MANY times. I know many people that use this ER and it has been wonderful. It would put so much stress and problems on people if it was to close. My family doesn’t have the money to travel to another hospital especially when it’s urgent and calling for an ambulance isn’t an option. Concordia has been there for my family and we will be there for it. Please don’t close it.” – C.

“No easily accessible medical care for urgent needs. Large service area will be left to fend for themselves.” – G.W.

“No easily accessible medical care for urgent needs. Large service area will be left to fend for themselves.” -M.A.

“Quit spending our money on pretty paintings & sculptures in our hospitals. The amount wasted could be used towards better healthcare & equipment.” –  J&J.F.

“In the last two years Later have been admitted in emergency due to medical problems. At one point I had been in a diabetic coma for over 8 hours when I was found, if Concordia Hospital wasn’t open, the extra time to another hospital could have meant death for me. They are always professional and on top of things. During my 5 day coma, they were very kind to my large family and friends and kept them in the loop. The nurses and doctors answered all questions and we’re constantly working on me. I and my family owe my life to this hospital. With Transcona and the surrounding area grows, so does the age of our community. Transcona has the largest group of elderly, so we need a hospital close us. Any extra minute could mean a life. Guess this will only matter when the people making the decision to close these hospitals looses someone because of travel time, will they understand why we need Concordia Hospital. Thank you! “ -D.S.

“Pallister doesn’t give a crap about the North East of Winnipeg! A fast growing community and closing the ER at Concordia is ridiculous and totally senseless.” – S.C.

“If Conc ER is closed, my wish would be that there are SUFFICIENT non emergency and urgent care centres opened through Winnipeg with 24/7 service. Having one in the city which is also closing and served central Winnipeg population was not enough. Also needed are more sports or injuryclinics.” S.J.

“If Concordia ER closes, the closest hospital in the area is St. Boniface ER and they are already overbooked. Tax dollars SHOULD be spent wisely!” – S.H.

“Transcona and EK NK Elmwood as well as out of city North East need to have quick access to hospital! My mother in law takes a cab to Concordia because she cannot afford ambulance bill now she will have to pay more to go to St B. In her case she has s heart condition that at times has landed her in hospital. If the hospital is there … use it with emergency open!” – S.F.

“Proven statistics on the daily use of this facility will show there is a vital need for this ER hospital in the Transcona/Elmwood area.” – B.G.

“Concordia is the only hospital servicing this neighbourhood, we should not be subjected to longer drives for our emergency care because the government can’t properly manage funding.”  K.H. “It must stay open for EK/NK/Elmwood residents. Taking a cab to the other hospitals is costly. I’ve gone to that hospital since the 70’s for various reasons and never had a problem. I trust the doctors, nurses and all the staff, when my loved ones or myself are in their care.” V.K.

“Concordia Hospital is a vital medical service in this community servicing thousands of nearby patients on a daily basis. My entire family ( 3 generations ) has utilized this hospital on many occasions and with an elderly population the need is even greater. A visit to an alternate facility could be fatal given travel distance, parking difficulties, patient wait times, and basic confusion with a new venue that will likely be inundated with people seeking help.” E.R.

“We live in area and at our age the extra minutes could be life or death. If waiting time is so long now how will it shorten by closing 3 ER’s in Winnipeg. Please look at the demographic of the area.” K.B.

“My father has been @ Concordia a number of times over the last three years – He has a do not resuscitate letter on file there but feel this would be lost at larger institutions!” G.W.

“Two hospital to bottle neck everyone. I think emerg depts need to triage people and send people home that is not an emerg or send them to an urgent care facility or get a doctor or see a walk in .” S&D. B.

“Yes, this is the worst thing this party could do to this area. I hope that all the people that voted them in are happy with all the cutbacks..” L.W.

“If there’s a train that goes across on Marion St., we cannot access St.B. unless we go around. And what if the train stops as they so often do? What then? What if the train then backs up? I’ve seen it happen. If Concordia is closed, we need an overpass or to get rid of trains through the city. I beg of you to not close the only hospital available to us who live on the east side of the train tracks. “ L.W.

“This area does not seem to be of much importance to the government. My aunt was the one who sold them the land where the Concordia sits. She would not be to pleased to learn what is happening to the hospital now!”- I.S.

“We really need this ER to stay open so that the people of North East Winnipeg canhave Emergency treatment when they need it. My Daughter had an accident whilst long boarding last week, we rushed her to the hospital was treated immediately because she had a head injury. The staff there were Amazing especially the nurse Jemella and also Dr. Cress. My daughter suffered a concussion and is still recovering. She did not feel good on the journey to the hospital and we were very anxious about her condition, it only took us 5 mins to get there, I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like to have to travel to Hsc, and then having to wait because there are so many people being directed to that hospital. We need to all stand together and fight for our right to keep our local ER open.” -K.L.

“The waiting times at the ER at Concordia most of the time has been 3 to 5 hours. One time I sat there with my 80 year old mother for 8 hours until we finally could see a doctor. How long will we be sitting at St.Boniface or HC with all the people going there now? I have also been sitting and waiting for many hours at St.Boniface. Then the parking at St.Boniface and HC is another thing. It will be very expensive with the long waiting times. People will be dying because they can’t get to be seen by a doctor fast enough. Please, do not create such a chaos. Thank you!” -H.K.

“Closing Concordia ER could cost someone their life if an ambulance can not get them to St. Boniface or Health Sciences in time. All our ER’s are swamped as it is now, closing three will increase wait times three fold and keep ambulance personnel tied up longer in the hospitals. Whoever decided this, should re-evaluate their decision and and keep the ER’s open.” -G.B.

“I feel like the whole North East part of Winnipeg has been forgotten about when it comes to this possible closure. It has not been well thought out and we as taxpayers should be entitled to ER services that are closer to home!” -A & D. H.

“At the very least we need urgent care in this quadrant of the city–this is a huge area to be denied urgent care service…I have needed stitches 3 times over the years and am grateful to have been able to get treated closer to home and did not have to drive to unknown territories and greater distances…..even if say the old Safeway on Henderson was turned into urgent that would be something….what the conservatives are doing is reprehensible–is someone going to have to die needlessly before this changes?” – C.

“There is a large population in this area who are older!!! The ER’s are over run now!” -M.S.

“I think that wait times are already ridiculously long and closing an ER will only make it worse. It will take much longer to get people who live in the northeast part of the city to hospitals further away, which is dangerous. And my 90 year old grandma has numerous health concerns that she visits the hospital for. She lives on her own and cannot afford to take an ambulance or a cab to hospitals further away so she relies on family to drive. It is a major inconvenience to force people to go to other hospitals where parking is stupid and expensive.” -K.N.

“I have a huge concern that if Concordia ER is closed my 81 year old mother will not have a close hospital ER to get to with her heart condition. Concordia has saved her several times. A further travel time puts her at risk of stroke. Peoples lives should not be put at risk for the sake of saving money. My husband was also saved at the Concordia ER as he had the widow maker and they were able to stabilize him to get the surgery he needed. My kids were in elementary school at the time and they would have lost their dad. We need to have Concordia ER in our area!!!!” – A.H.

“Concordia ER saved my life in the year 2000. If it hadn’t been for them I would be dead now. If I had to have gone to another ER further away I would not have made it. I also have had to take my mother-in-law to concordia repeatedly for heart issues and I am sure that if was not for Concordia ER she would not be here today. Concordia ER means a lot for me and the people in this area. Please save Concordia ER.  Hay Long time resident of North Kildonan.” -R.H.

“We returned to Winnipeg from the West Coast 45 years ago and have lived in the Transcona, Southdale and Springfield area, using the Concordia Emergency department numerous times for our children, myself, our mother, our aunt, our brother and our sister-in-law. As we age, it is even more important for those times when we must travel there after dark – knowing the route, driving in the dark, sometimes in inclement weather, always under stress. Many many people live east of the Winnipeg floodway who rely on the Concordia Hospital for their excellent service and staff, the Cancer Care dept. with Dr. Harris, the ease of parking, the cleanliness and organization of the whole hospital. It would be greatly missed and we hope to win the fight to keep it open.” -T.H.

“At the very least Concordia should be turned into an Urgent care facility. Also more public awareness of what an emergency is vs urgent care. People don’t know where to go for care so they just show up to an ER with the flu or other non emergencies.” -C.H. “By closing Concordia Hospital ER, the congestion at the other hospitals will be horrendous!” -C.V.

“we need this hospital open for our community. i have been there in 2012 and spent time in the ICU and in the hospital and also my mother. going to Health Sciences Center is not the best place to be in an emergency in the wee hours of the morning, i have seen alot there. we need this hospital to serve our needs in this community and they help people also that need more help when nursing homes cannot handle serious illness for the people in those homes as well. i’ve seen that first hand. sending people elsewhere is a big mistake and could cost lives and be a burden for those looking out for their loved ones as well.” – C.D.

“Your have summed up succinctly exactly the fears that we have, should the ERs close. The government has not explained clearly in any way how these closures and changes will improve on the present system.( And we don’t for one minute believe that the present system is perfect.) If what the government is saying on billboards was true, why aren’t they explaining in detail just how all these changes are going to be better? If they could prove what they are suggesting, they would, and save themselves all the complaints. Changes like this will compound the existing problems.” B.S.&S. O. “The public also has to be told not to use emergency room services like walk-in clinics.” R.W.

“Could mean the difference between life or death due to the extra time it could take to get to an ER hospital. If that ER is overwhelmed with patients on a given day then what. Will a patient have to be transported further away in hope of getting treatment in time. Could be a bad situation during stormy weather. What about the parking situation which now will be even more compromised. Only emergency vehicles are allowed in front of the emergency door so if a patient isn’t in an emergency vehicle they might have to walk a long way. We have all heard or know someone that was having a heart attack who drove themselves to the ER. Will they have to walk blocks before reaching the hospital because there is no parking available. Do not most side streets around hospitals only have 2 hour parking. If you are by yourself its not like you can run out to feed the meter or move your vehicle. I think more people will now have to use the emergency vehicles which will put a strain on the responders and a financial strain on the patient.” J.R.

“We really need this ER. Not only does it serve our community but also the outlying communities. Have you contacted East St. Paul, for one, for their support?” W.L. “transcona has some large housing developments started so the population & hospital demand is on the rise.” – B.L.

“I don ‘t think the powers that are running this show are cognizant of the number of tax payers that live in the Eastern side of the city. NO service east of the Red River does NOT make any sense to us.” J & J. M.

“If the power to be do not think that the ER is needed please explain why you have to sit and wait from 2-15 hours to be seen. I had an accident a few years ago and spent almost 3 months at Concordia. I was very thankful it was there. Plus by closing the ER can they really guarantee a shorter wait time and staff that are not over worked and tired ?? making mistakes??????”. – S.P.

“I really appreciate the Concordia Emergency as part of the Concordia Hospital they’ve done a lot for me and the Block I live in, it would be a shame to close it!” -K.P.

“Question = Why? Comment = It makes no sense. Concerns = Naturally concerned as an ER is, by nature, for emergencies and we are very concerned that we will have to travel a lot further and take a lot longer to get help if/when necessary.” – N.M.

“There is no way that three hospitals can pick up the care being provided in all of the other emergency rooms. The only thing that will address the situation is more doctors and more rooms available to deal with emergencies.” N & P. N.

“I spent a night at the Concordia ER recently and don’t know where I would have gone had it not been open.” – L.B. “We are in for big problems if they close this hospital ER, What are they thinking? I guess life means nothing to the current government. Very Sad !” – P.F.

“Why shut down an existing service being used, only to cram more people into one space and overwork the staff there|!!!???Makes no sense!” – D.O.

“Closing Concordia will obviously increase wait times at the other emergency departments.If you have a heart attack….live in this Concordia area…going to Concordia is the best option. I have always been treated in a highly professional and caring manner. “ – L.F.

“I am very concerned for the elderly in our area. It will be extremely stressful for them. My husband had 7 surgeries in 5 yrs. at Concordia & said he’d rather have his leg amputated before going to St. B or Health Sciences. This is a huge mistake closing our ER. The wait time will be twice as long. How the government can do this, I’ll never understand. “ – M.&G. G.

“We have used it many times and can not imagine having it available to us.Have they considered the fact that many people will stop driving to the hospital emergency and just call 911 and let the fire department show up. Are they prepared to staff the fire department to meet this increase? IF you can stop this you will have my vote in the future. “ – D.H.

“Another knee-jerk reaction by this government without weighing the consequences.” – T.J.

“The issue with the ER wait time stems from the fact that Concordia does not have enough beds for patients to be transferred to. Concordia could thrive as a 24 hour urgent care center. This community needs this hospital and its services. I work at this hospital and I have seen children, births, and trauma cases come through because we were the closest location and these patients needed immediate assistance. I fear that closing down all emergency options at this hospital will prove to be fatal.” – S.S.

“Please do your best to help keep concordia er open! Walk-ins should have extended hours to alleviate er issues!” – S.N.

“I have a chronic medical condition and I frequently need emergency room assistance. Having to go to St. Boniface is not going to make the wait time shorter. The parking is an inconvenience. My family can’t visit me as often as they like. Concordia is a nice clean place with nice rooms and easy parking. Once a visit to the HSC emergency room cost my husband $25 in parking fees for a 10 hour period. There is no shame in making a profit but gouging the public is a shame. By closing Concordia it will increase the occupancy at St. Boniface with long term patients or will increase the transportation costs of the elderly that need to transported from St. B. to Concordia for long term care. The number of jobs that will be cut is astronomical. The nurses, doctors, lab techs, xray personal, HCAs, house keeping will be part of the downsizing. That is not fair. Mr. Pallister is being a thorn in the peoples’ side. He is cutting jobs, cutting services, but I don’t see him cutting his pay at all. He is not a dictator but he is throwing his weight around like he is one. He needs to be stopped before a coup happens. The mla’s are letting this happen. You are supposed to be our voice at the leg. Stop him before he stifles the economy like in the early 1980’s. As for medical care, he or his family better not be getting preferential treatment. They must wait just like everyone else. People are watching. Please don’t let him close the emergency rooms.”. -D.C.

“If Concordia does lose its ER, the MINIMUM situation should include an Urgent Care facility. There should be no question about that. Without this facility, the NE of the city will have NO emergency care facilities. Unacceptable!!!” – M.S.

“Seven years ago my husband had a heart attack and I took him to Concordia Hospital because it is very close to our house. I realize the wait times now are terrible but if we have to drive that much further to another hospital and then wait a long time to be seen, we might not still be alive.” – E.H.

“Closing the Concordia ER will put a great hardship on the 100 plus seniors living here at the Cornerstone 55 plus life lease residence. Premier Pallister should remember that someday he will be a “senior” and will need an ER close by……”. L.C.

“We are already hearing of doctors leaving the province. I don’t think we had fully recovered from the damage Filmon had done and now it’s the same dog and pony show all over again.” M.K.

“Closing ERs is not what I voted for, my understanding is that Concordia will not be an urgent care facility so where are we supposed to go for anything less than an Emergency at nights or weekends ? wait for hours on end at an already overflowing St Boniface Emergency which I thought is what they did not want.” -R.D.

“I worry because the hospital is so close to a major highway with a lot of traffic and there are a lot of accidents on this road. To get to St. Boniface Hospital would take an extra half hour, more if at rush hour. I don’t feel that having only 3 ERS in Winnipeg is enough and people are going to suffer.” -E.P.

“We need Concordia ER open as there is such a large number of taxpayers in this province who live in the area of Concordia and we are as entitled to convenient health care as all other citizens of this province. At least make it an Urgent Care Facility.” -S.S.

“Are we expected to go to St. B or Selkirk Hospital for emergency service from NE Winnipeg/Transcona/ East St. Paul ? Neither seem to be of much speedy help in an emergency. If this plan is to improve services, how will this improve services to north Winnipeg and outside the north perimeter. Seems to me these areas are being sacrificed to improve south-central Winnipeg’s medical needs.” D.L.

“This ER services a very large area outside of the perimeter as well. The Conservative party does not care what happens to patient care… people are going to die if they close the ER.” – L.G.

A more logical approach would be: have numerous urgent care clinics (not decrease) as planned; open more nursing care homes to open up the beds at each hospital; expand the program of a Doc and Nurse going to the home of critical care patients (who wish to stay in their home) – but no, they just recently shut down one at River East Access. Also, they should expand the home care program and at the same time cut down on the costs of top line administration. Lastly, educate the public as to what constitutes a visit to the ER vis a vis a visit to urgent care – spell it out for people.” S.M.

New Comments May 5th to May 16th

“With the closures of BOTH of the er’s in the north of the city, the others are too far away. For those on a fixed income, a cab ride would be very lengthy and costly. HSC is also not a very secure environment or neighbourhood in which to wait for transit. It is unlikely that one would survive a serious heart attack while being transported to other er’s.” – H. & M. H.

“I have enjoyed very good service from the staff at CONCORDIA ER they treated me with respect . Besides it’s the closest ER to my place . Closing Concordia ER will put more stress on the other ERS that aren’t being closed.” – R.P.

“This is a very important community resource – particularly with the large aging community and the family caregivers who support them. I can see finding a way to encourage people with minor issues to seek health care assistance at a dedicated location that could be a clinic rather than a hospital. Since Concordia has the equipment and appropriate ER environment leave it as it is, pursuing the purpose for which it was designed. High quality, convenient health care should be a priority of every government regardless of party affiliation. God help us if our own Conservative government does an asinine tilt toward the mean-spirited and elitist thinking of their American counterparts.” -M.F.

“I have a daughter residing in the Elmwood area. My daughter has a life threatening immune disorder. Her disorder resulted in 4 ER visits for treatment plus monitoring and treatment thru the weekend at Concordia hospital over a period of 1 week. The symptoms of the disorder occur and progress quickly and in 2 cases ambulances were called and fortunately arrived in time. I was able to transport her by vehicle to the ER for the other visits due to the fact that the Concordia Hospital is a short drive from her home and she is vigilant for every sign of an occurrence. If the Concordia is closed and she is forced to travel to St. Boniface or HSC I am convinced two things will happen. First due to the horrific cost for ambulance service she will be forced to chose between calling and suffering added financial stress or calling a friend or family member who will have to attempt to get her and transport her to either St. B or HSC. Once traffic conditions and distance are factored into this scenario the outcome for arriving and being treated in a timely fashion greatly reduces the chances of her survival. I believe the governments choice to close the 3 ER’s will ultimately result in poor Health Care, longer waiting time for treatment , added Financial burden and in some cases the minutes that make the difference between life and death. I am a resident of Seven Oaks area and am also facing the closure of the nearest hospital to me. I have suffered and survived a heart attack in 2014 and am extremely displeased that my choice to move to this area in 2017 may mean that Medical Assistance in the case of an emergency maybe not be available to me.“ – S.K.

“If Concordia can not remain as an ER then at minimum it should be kept as an Urgent Care centre. The fact the the entire east side of Winnipeg will be left with out an ER or Urgent Care centre is ludicrous! The impact on the citizens alone is great! None the less the impact on emergency services. When an Amber or Red patient is transported to hospital more often then not a fire PCP is assisting in transporting the patient in the ambulance. Thus resulting in the fire truck driving to pick their member up at the hospital. This means if the east side of the city ambulance personnel are transporting to and Urgent Care centre; the Victoria or Seven Oaks or an Emergency Department such as the St Boniface or HSC, these fire trucks are leaving their response area for a significant period of time to pick up their fire PCP. This means we are now sacrificing fire suppression efforts in the east of Winnipeg more often. Ambulance catchment areas will need to change along with destination policies to transport more people to an Urgent Care centre more often then current practice for the Misericordia. With destination changes and catchment area changes this means that friends and family will be affected when picking up patients who have been discharged and/or visiting patients who are admitted. This model does not address the strain interfacility transfers will be affected being that all hospitals will now be specialty centres. The increased dollar that would be associated with the transfers alone will be significant. I don’t doubt that a lot of thought went into this but I fear this to be a huge expense both financially and to the citizens.” – C.L.

“My concern is that my Husband had Lewy-body dementia. There are no quick care clinic on our end of town. The expansion of Park Manor is on hold and our wellness centre cancelled. And now our ER,, we have NOTHING this end of Wpg.. why are we ignored? What am I to do when my Husband gets sick and cannot get into his Doctor? Walk-ins cannot deal with dementia.” – S.M. “Very alarming to think the government plans to close Concordia! Have they not seen all the new construction on the east side of the city??” – L.P.

“We need this ER remain open, my 87 year old mother lives Next door to Concordia hospital and has conjestive heart failure, that’s why she moved in to Bethania House to be close so we can get her there before she dies….we’ve had to rush her there a few times and she was in Concordia Hospital for five weeks in Feb. of this year for heart failure. My family and I feel just sick about this.” B.J.

“It does not make sense to close all the outlining ER’s and only keep the more centrally located. The people living outside the perimeter of Winnipeg need access to the hospitals and it will take longer to reach the central hospitals. Someone who can’t stop the bleeding could be far more critical having to drive further. It cuts down on wait times. We would have to wait even longer at St B. HSC etc. then we do now as I don’t think people will stop going because there are less ERs. They will just wait longer.”-R.R.

“The reason that Winnipeg needs this ER to stay open is because people in this community new and old require the devotion that comes from this hospital family.The city of Winnipeg is not getting smaller it is growing rather quickly. This hospital is very well known for their professionalism and patient care.”-B.S.

“It makes no sense closing the only er in this part of the city. Closing Concordia will not improve wait times nor access to care. They are risking lives.” -W.W. “I definitely feel, that with all of the new residential development around the east Costco, there is even now a greater need to keep Concordia ER open. Healthcare is very important, combined with our aging population, Concordia needs to be kept open.”- S.B.

“When the 7 Oaks Hosp and Victoria Hosp were built it was to have closer medical help available and faster arrival time for those where minutes count. A vehicle accident, a heart attack, stroke victims were at risk when the ambulances had to travel extra distance to the core area hospitals of St. B & HSC. This closure will be going back to those days. And, if Winnipeg has been known to have the longest ER wait times, I can’t see that these closures will alleviate this problem.” – M.H.

“With all the new housing going up on Peguis and Transcona Blvd. it would seem counter-intuitive to be closing the ER. If anything, Concordia Hospital should expand its services.” – A.M.

“The Concordia ER services a great area. Many people use it. If they all went to St.Boniface,they could die waiting to be seen, as we have already had to wait 12 hours in the ER at St.Boniface.” – J.D. “At the very least, this should remain open as an Urgent Care facility, especially with the proposal to close the Urgent Care at Misericordia. No emergency or urgent care for 30,000 Manitobans? 150,000 Manitobans in Northeast Winnipeg and Transcona dismissed with a stroke of the pen?” – G.W.

“I recently spent an overnight in Concordia E.R. and the number of ambulances arriving was mind boggling. As a senior I would likely skip even seeking help if I was sent to St. Boniface instead. The wait time there is already terrible.” – B.B.

“if not as full ER, at least as an urgent care option – the St.B & HSC emergency departments will be totally overwhelmed if there are no other options for lesser emergencies (not life-threatening, but things which may occur evenings or weekends which cannot wait till other services available). The 2 major emergency centres would have to triple in size to meet current demand & there was no mention of this being considered.” – P.A.

“Will now overburden ambulance services to get to the ER at HSC/SB hospitals, whereas it wasn’t always necessary with Concordia ER only minutes away for those in this area. Will our MB health services now pay for ambulance service from this area to the HSC/SB hospitals?”-R &A. K

. “Closing of the Concordia Hosp. E.R. is severe negligence to the health needs of the people in this area by the Conservative Govt.”-M.R.

“This is a terrible loss of services for our area of the city .” – R.N.

“Concordia Hospital MUST be kept open! There is no other emergency facility in the area to serve this corner of the city.” – M.F.

“I am very concerned about the fact that Transcona and surrounding areas will not have a hospital ER to serve them and that travelling so far to the nearest ER can result in people’s lives being in jeopardy.” – L.F.

“I’m concerned about the long waits in ERs. We need to find a solution. Closing them is not solving the problem but can only make it worse.” – V.T.

“My family and I have often used this hospital. The infrastructure is there. Why are we changing it. As taxpayers we built this hospital and when you find out you’re wrong for closing emergency it is that will have to pay again to re open it. Please just leave it be.”-C.T.

“If they want people to use the ER less, then walk-in clinics should remain open during evenings and weekends. People can get sick anytime, not just during business hours!” – A.T.

“I didn’t know I had an allergy to wasps until I called health links and said that something had stung me in the foot and the swelling had now reached my knee, they advised to get to an emergency room. I went to an allergist who said the next sting may have a faster reaction, so to be very careful and not venture to far from an Emergency Room. The question to Pallister is how far is too far is an Emergency Room when minutes if not seconds count?”- G.F.

“I remember the Filmon years, they left chaos… Trim the desk ornaments at the top of the WRHA and Hire nurse practitioners to clear the clogs at the existing ERs. you cant fix broken by breaking it further.”-B.A.

“How can you consider closing an ER that already has long wait times. Recently had a minor construction accident and waited for treatment for over 4 1/2 hours on a Monday night. There were over 20 patients waiting when I arrived around 6pm. Imagine if all those people had been redirected to the remaining ER’s. That wait time would have likely ballooned to 8-10 hours which is unacceptable. There is no rational justification for closing Concordia. Cut health care middle and upper management. Ask anyone who works on the ground or in the trenches in health care and they’ll you that’s where the inefficiency and waste is.” – G.A.

“it is insane of this government to think about closing emergency departments. Our population is growing. We have housing developments going up by the hundreds in this end of town. We need the Concordia ER to stay open to serve the people.”- J.M.

“We have used this service several times; anaphylactic shock, heart issues, allergies, falls.”- Z.T.

“Closing Concordia ER is CRAZY. They saved the life of one of my friends when she had a severe allergic reaction to a new food she ate. If Concordia ER had not been open, she would have died. There would be no way she could have gotten to HSC or St. Boniface alive. Innocent people will die when they can’t get the prompt treatment they need. This is an outrage. Keep fighting for Concordia!”-M.F.

“I have several concerns regarding this proposed action. Firstly, my family are low income and we do not own a vehicle. The closure of the two er’s in the north of the city, means that access to an emergency room would now necessitate a cab or ambulance to either HSC or St. B, both of which would be considerably more costly. I also would not feel particularly safe travelling to and from HSC by bus.”-D.H.

“How much does a Winnipegger’s life cost? Our government needs to answer this question before they close the emergency. Lives will truly be lost when someone having a heart attack has to travel to St. Boniface or Health Science. There MUST be other areas that can be cut! No amount of money saved, is worth the lives that will be lost! FInd another area to cut or we will find a better government to do the job!” -H.L.

“My wife has severe allergies. Twice the Concordia ER saved her life from anaphalactic shock. Just a block from Concordia Ave., we’re just a few minutes from Concordia Hospital. St. Boniface is much further away, and could be the difference between life and death for my wife. For her sake, keep this ER open!”-A.T.

“I am a nurse at concordia ER. We are a family and this is just as devastating to us as it is to you, we love helping the community, our friends and family. We should be made into an urgent care if we can’t keep our ER status. not closed down. We serve a massive area and population.”-C.P.

“Did they even ask for the doctor`s input? I don`t think so as I spoke to a doctor who is against this. You can put a sign on my front lawn. This week we had a motorcycle accident on Raleigh. Unfortunately he never survived but we need this er to remain OPEN! Just improve not close!”-L.C.

“We are an aging population, where every second counts getting to the closest “ER” in time. What was the purpose of building the Concordia if not to serve the North East Winnipeg – Transcona areas with a closer “ER” for all emergencies. The P.C.’s are taking a step backwards. Are saving lives more important than money.” – E.W.

“I live in Transcona and work at Concordia Hospital. I feel community people of Transcona and the surrounding city & rural areas will loose out on emergency healthcare if Concorida ER is closed. I am concerned residents of these communities will die trying to get to healthcare facility if this change goes through. I would like Concordia |ER to remain open or at least an Urgent Care be kept at the site. I am 59 years old and am concerned for myself as well as others.”-D.M.

“Waiting times are already too long. Departments are understaffed and people overworked,and stressed. How many qualified people will be lost with the latest way to save money. What about saving the most valuable resource we have- people!”-S.R.

“My concern is that the Pallister Government is ignoring or perhaps even worse, doesn’t care about, the basic health needs of Winnipegers. I would suggest that if Mr Pallister needs emergence treatment he is quickly seen and doesn’t have to worry or be concerned about wait times for himself or his family. Just another slap in the face to the citizens by this same government…..first it was a large wage increase for him and his cronies while the entirety of all emergency and essential service workers are to sit tight now it’s close the emergency units, “Not like we need to sit and wait”. Shame on you Mr. Pallister guessing you won’t be back for a second term.” – D.S.

No ” With the transformation of ERs into urgent care facilities there will be an eleviation on the system. Why keep doing something that is not working?” – K.B.

No “there were 8 hr.waits in the emergency 17 years ago & there still is now.Let’s try something different, maybe it will work but doing nothing will not. It’s funny now that the NDP is not in power you want to do something. You had your chance now it’s somebody elses turn.”. K.R.

Comments May 17th to June 2nd. Highlights

“The Concordia Hospital location is so vital to the people travelling home from the beaches on Highway 59!” – B.P.

“The waiting times at ERs is long at the best of times, it is inconceivable to believe that the level of care in an emergency situation can be met with only three ERs in a city this size. I fear that this erosion of services will continue in all areas of our healthcare system.”-M.P.

“I would like to understand the rationale behind the idea that closing three ERs will make the system more efficient when average wait time at present is approximately 4-5 hours with 6 ER open.” – A.G.

“It is already a chaos for emergency in the country hospitals,we are experiencing nightmare hours of wait, there is a shortage of emergencies in Manitoba and the government is eliminating the few in place? What a disaster.”-S.C.

“There has been no thought given that the additional 15 minutes to drive to St.Boniface often becomes an additional half hour or more due to the fact the traffic corridors are few and crossed by active train lines, frequent construction, and rush hour congestion. Time is critical to heart, stroke, anaphylactic, and trauma events and this will result in deaths.” – G.G.

“I have be treated at the Concordia Hosp, once a year for the past 8 years for various issues and found the service good. Wait times a little long but good service.” – S.C. “I have gone to Concordia ER with various health concerns have seen them short staffed and sometimes longer waits, but all patients were looked after. Closing the ER would only make matters worse at St.Boniface or HSC. I do not understand by closing ERs at the 3 hospitals it would improve healthcare, Its ridiculous. KEEP ERs OPEN, the city has been growing and growing, expecially east and north of Concordia. and the entire city as well.” – R.B.

“I needed medical care last week in emergency the care I got was outstanding. The two nurses I had (shift change ) were running none stop. Bless their hearts! .” -L.K.

“Being senior citizens and living in the vicinity of Concordia Hospital for 35 years,it is a great matter of concern to go to other ERs ln case of emergency medical well as this area has quite a number of seniors living in senior homes and parents with school age childrens.All age groups will be facing lot of difficulty to seek immediate medical attention in emergencies Hopefully the opposition MLAS’ would strongly urge the PC government to reverse their decision of closing Concordia ER.” – S.C.

“This is vitally needed in the large N.E. area of Winnipeg and surrounding bedroom communities that rely on emergency health services.”-M.W.

“To close the 3 ERs could cause the deaths of many people.” – G.M.

“I had a fall last week and cracked my collarbone. The accident happened at the University of Manitoba and a friend drove me to the Victoria General Hospital, another institution whose ER is supposed to close. I was treated professionally, kindly, and in a timely manner. Had the Vic ER not been open, I would have needed to be taken to another hospital at least a half hour drive away, likely with a longer wait time in ER. I believe that loss of ER capacity at the Vic and Concordia would make the system LESS efficient by funneling the same number of cases into fewer facilities and would make the patient experience more onerous and time-consuming. In extreme cases, it could result in unnecessary loss of life due to additional travel time required at a time when minutes count (e.g., stroke, heart emergency, car accident). If the Manitoba government is trying to save me money by taxing me less, I say that services such as the Concordia ER are worth all of us paying our fair share of taxes. I don’t mind the taxes, as long as they are fair. I want the services for all of us.” -R.D.

“Keep the ERS open. We need them. In a time when obtaining care is urgent who can afford the time to drive to St b or hsc. If you want to cut costs stop the checking in at the security desk and move people through quicker an error should be a welcoming place not somewhere that feels like a prison check… I am referring to the sequity they have implemented that is useless and NOT RELEVANT TO EMERGENCY CARE.” – B.S.

“We need to have an ER open in our area. We have 4 kids and it’s important to have an ER for us and the kids to go to at night. Or if someone has a heart attack.” – S.K.

“I would much rather pay a tax increase than have my services cut. As allaid healthcare employee, I am shocked and horrified that our own government would close emergency rooms. Putting our lives on the line. How many people will have to die as a result of this decision before our government realizes that it is making a grave mistake.” – K.L. “They were there for me a couple months ago when I had partially collapsed lungs.”-G.F.

“I dont know what I would do without this hospital and the staff ..I spent 12 days there last summer. The nurses were amazing and the staff figured out something that I had been having issues with for 4 years. No way on earth I would have made it to St. B that day. Keep it open please!” – C.D.

“I have elderly grandparents both in their mid eighties that live in the E.K. area. Should they need medical attention it would be in their best interest as well as the interests of the rest of the elderly people in the area to have an emergency hospital near by. Please keep Concordia Hospital Emergency Open!”-A.R.

“Seems Central and South Winnipeg are the only areas worthy of emergency service proximity. Taxes for health care are collected from all neighbourhoods and access should be equal for all.” -D.L.

“By closing the Concordia Emergency Department you are not only effecting Northeast Winnipeg and Transcona. You are effecting the whole North East side of Manitoba. Many times Rural Emergency Departments are closed causing individuals to drive to Winnipeg for care. Particularly the Concordia Hospital Emergency Department. I am thankful that the Concordia Emergency Department was open and available when my Father suffered a Stroke in 2013. He lives in Narol, Manitoba (St. Clements – East Selkirk). The ambulance driver stated that the closes Hospital for my father to receive immediate and adequate care was Concordia. If this Emergency Department closes I cannot even imagine the wait my father would have had and the long term effects that he would be suffering now. I do not believe that closing the Emergency Department at Concordia Hospital should even be considered. Why are we leaving the Residents on the Northeast side of Manitoba without this essential service. Why are we ignoring the Canada Health Act that states, “Accessibility: All insured persons have reasonable access to health care facilities. In addition, all physicians, hospitals, etc, must be provided reasonable compensation for the services they provide”. By taking away the Emergency Department in this area of Manitoba is going against this basic right.” – A.B.

“At the very least it should at least be kept open as an urgent care center. I have been at HSC and St. BONIFACE. They are way too busy and the parking is terrible. My late husband died because of neglect at the St Boniface ER.”-L.N. “No specific questions but very concerned that the St. B and HSC will be overcrowded and impossible to receive service. My husband and I, being seniors have used the Concordia ER three times in the past six months with about a 2 hour waiting period which is not bad. But when you are ill and in need of emergency services the amount of time that you will wait at St. B and HSC will be unbearable. Why is the government pinpointing seniors and low-income areas to make up for the deficit. Oh yes, I know, they have to build dog parks and fancy museums.”-D.&N.H.

“I grew up in the North Kildonan neighborhood and still have family who live there. Closing the Concordia Hospital ER would result in community members having to drive too great of distances to receive care. At the very least an urgent care center should remain at Concordia.” – S.K.

“Every hospital should have their ER open. The purpose of hospital being built in different area scattered with the city is to give the community an easy and fast access especially in a life and death situation. Closing ER in other hospitals and leaving one hospital to deal with all emergency cases will just cause a chaos.”-E.C. “As a person who has had 2 heart attacks and suffers with chronic asthma, losing Concordia ER, could mean loss of life to me. It is very important to keep this ER available to those of us who’s lives depend on it. “ – E.K.

“ Closing the 3 proposed ER’s will only aggravate an already over-stressed emergency room situation! There is no way that St. Boniface hospital or HSC will be able to handle the huge overload.-M.S. “With wait times already at an alarming rate, the closing of the ER’s will not make things better, I personally have used the Concordia emergency and thank god it was in this area of the city, I was treated with care and respect from the staff.” -B.G.

“My concerns are “what about all the people”.does anyone care or even realize what this is going to do to our city. I think they should re think their decisions before they make another bad choice. Very concerned tax payer.” -B.C.

“If you are not going to have an Urgent Care or Emergency in area – then at least have more walk-in clinics with better hours. Also suggest x-ray clinics and labs with non banker hours to service working clients who don’t want to take time off work to have work done.”-R.B.

“Important to keep open. Palliser is making a huge mistake. What is he thinking? infrastructure is already in place for ambulances and treatment. Why get rid of? Hoe about improving patient screening and streaming to include less urgent cases within these hospitals. Hsc and st b are so huge already. So difficult to get to areas where you need to go. They can rework things and improve instead of closing . Do people need to die before they realize their mistake????”-K.H.

“In November of last year my Mom had a mild stroke. I was really scared and I got her into the car and drove straight to Concordia Emergency. Mom received excellent care and I was so glad to have an ER close to us. IT NEEDS TO REMAIN OPEN.” -J.B.

“I worked at concordia hospital for 28 years and was very proud of every aspect of the hospital. ,so yes very shocked to see that Mr, Pallisteris is planning on closing the ER . Has he even seen the over amount of building behind Costco. I have seen mistakes made in past years which never worked and people suffered for these. We always seem to be going backwards in our planning. I certainly hope that the Liberal Government thinks this one over before another huge mistake is made. The outside core hospitals ER’s are picking up all outside the city. St Boniface and Health Science will not be able to handle all this overflow. So who will suffer the people. Sure hope that the people will be listened to.”-J.C.

“While I do not have an absolute problem with the closure of this ER in theory, I vehemantly disagree with the current governments plan to do so without any public consultation or clear communication of a detailed transition and capacity plan, which accounts fully for the added patient load at remaining facilities.”-B.F.

“To close the ER’ at this time when the need is greatest would be ridiculous. It’s not Health Care it’s Health Scare.winnipeg is growing, seniors are aging population, the need will be greater. It’s a cash grab for sure. Hire more staff, plenty folks waiting for jobs. Even Donald Trump would laugh at this stupidity!”-H.D.

“Closing an ER is the dumbest thing.. should be adding more hospitals!”-J.R.

“Have used the facility a couple of times, needs to stay open to service the needs of the public.” -M.R.

“Instead of closing Emergency Rooms that directly impact patient care how about considering some of the Executive at WRHA on Main who duplicate work already done at the sites by Executive. Also how about looking at the numerous Communication Positions at the WRHA. What is more important? spinning the truth with rosy communications or direct patient care?”-D.H.

“We really need the ER of Concordia Hospital to stay open to save 1000s of lives in North East Winnipeg, like it did for me. They saved my life many times & of a lot of other people I know. Us baby boomers are living longer & overcrowding Wpg We desperately need more ERs & personal care homes not less. They have greatly improved the waiting times at Concordia Hospital over the years. They have a great system now. Please Please keep the ER OPEN FOR US!!!! Thank you so much!!! ??????????”-D.S.

“Even if the hospital where to turn it into an urgent care facility then this would make a positive impact on assisting the community.”-C.D.

“Between us, 2 heart attacks and 1 abdominal anyeuryism and 2 life threatening allergic reactions. Without Concordia ER the outcome would be death. They have excellent staff and system. My experiences at Health Science and St B. ERs a nightmare and they are going to add to it. Community hospital s were built to relieve pressure at those hospitals. They have more than succeeded. Doctor who doesn’t reside here has no idea what is needed and neither do conservatives. Nap hurt Manitoba financially but conservatives wrecking health care. Sorry we voted for them and won’t again. Conservatives have to go or really step back and listen to the voters.”-D.&G.W.

“All of the current ER patients in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of the city and outlying areas will have to make their way to the St Boniface or the HSC who already have more than they can reasonably handle due to thier current wait times. This decision is just one of the current prov. gov’t’s egregious decisions which will place unnecessary financial burden on those who can least afford it. I think we cannot afford a millionaire premier!”-S.R.

“We are worried about not getting the help we might need quickly enough in the case of an asthma attack, accidents, etc.”  – D..W. & J.B.

Comments June 2nd to June 25th

“We Need This and all other ERs. Health does not need to be clawed back but supported and reinforced to serve the public better not wait times of 4-5 hours and longer.we are helping people that are not Canadians with Health problems and not caring for our own.” – P.K.

“This must remain open or people will die.” -D.J. “Just because I live on the other side of town, doesn’t mean that I won’t be involved in an accident and need emergency care around the Concordia.” – P.S.

“I was HSC on Thursday. I am throwing up blood and my hemoglobin is low. I was told there would be a 2 1/2 hour waiting period. I waited 4 hours. I was then told that there was now an 8 hour wait. I am 75 and have 2 compressed discs In my back. There was no way I could sit any longer, so I left. Closing ER’s is a stupid decision. One can only hope the Premier finds himself in need of one. Disgusting.” -F.J.

“It’s the only hospital in the east end of the city. A lot of tax payers money was just dropped on that intersection to accommodate the emergency vehicles and traffic flow.” – C.F. “All hospitals should remain open with er’s What are we a third world country? Pallister seems to think so.” Anon.

“Both my mother in law and Father in law were treated for heart attacks at Concordia and I’m reaching the age where access to emergent care is needed. This is Canada, not Trump’s America.” – D.K.

“Why is our provincial government not sharing the results of the medical studies having been made here in Winnipeg. AND, is the WRHA simply a political tool of the government — why are they supporting all these changes, particularly in light of what doctors are saying?”- J.M.

“Yes keep this ER open if it were to close the other emergency rooms are going to be chaos.” – T.

“Why should north east people have to go across the city for medical treatment when have lived here for 50 plus years?”- A.W. “Let common sense prevail,we already went through hallway medicine with all ER’s open, closing Concordia will certainly create more delays at the ER of St. Boniface & HSC…Cut the fat cats at WRHA ,keep the ER Open. We need it with our aging society.” – F.P.

No. I think you have over stated and misrepresented the fiures you are talking like most people who should NOT be using the ER as a drop in for non-emergency care. Anonymous

“Received flyer in mailbox. If your trying to keep ER open then make sure its effective. My son recently waited 9 hours after a motorbike accident, got frustrated and got himself to 7 Oaks ER where they saw him right away. Subsequently had surgery. My father frequented ER. Long waits with a senior in pain is not effective. I could relate more regarding his care in Concordia Hospital….bed wheels rolled over his oxygen line…he is turning grey and in distress and I had to figure out what was going on. Your flyer said, ” the result will be chaos in our health care system.” there already is chaos!! I have taken my daughter to the US to PAY for medical procedures because is quicker and care is better. I have two clients that have gone to Germany for back surgery because they could not even get the surgeon to schedule a consultation in Manitoba. A third client closed down his business because he ended up in a motorized wheel chair and still no surgery schedule for his back. Chaos! We are in it! I don’t care which political party has the reins of our government…spend our tax dollars more effectively…get on our federal government to get their act together…other countries can do it, we are not any less intelligent, we should be able to as well. keep it open, but make it effective or don’t waste my tax dollars.” – T.W.

“Closing the ER will result in longer wait times in other facilities, delivering optimal patient care will no longer exist and there are going to be very angry people as a result. So many people depend on the Conc ER as they live in the community. This change will not only affect patients, but also burdens the family for going elsewhere and also affects the staff members resulting in losing their jobs.”. -J.Z.

“This is a great concern, how could the government possibly do this and leave only 2 ER’s open, especially one where a patient waiting died. This has to be stopped.” – L.H.

“I have been hospitalized with pneumonia 3 times over the past year and was kept in for a good number of days,I was taken by ambulance. I dread to think what will happen if I have another bout, possibly death!!” – L.F.

“PLEASE do all you can to convince the PC government to keep it open!” – J.R.

No. “If it wasn’t for the wasteful spending during the NDP government, we wouldnt be in the position where we need to make cuts in the budget. That aside the Concordia ER is amongst the worst ER’s in the country (it has the longest wait time in Canada). My opinion is that it should be turned into an urgent care location as anyone withe seriously life threatening ailments doesn’t go to Concordia regardless. Those patients are diverted to St. Boniface or HSC. I believe this is a NDP agenda to divert blame on the province’s poor budgeting on the current government rather than taking ownership for the poor job Doer and Selinger did while in power.” – E.S.

“Concordia has saved my life & the ER is a lot better than it use to be. I have a petition signed by numerous people in Oakbank Transcona & North & East Kildonan for the ER to stay open. St Boniface Hospital has a minimum 9 hr wait. If minutes count I would be dead.” “If Concordia ER closes, what will the elderly do in an energency ?. We need Concordia to stay open for ALL residence and businesses on this side of the city.” – P.W.

“I have supported Conservative Govt’s for over 50 years. If they go ahead with this ridiculous plan, I PLEDGE I will never support them again!!” – R.R.

“My concern is the lack of emergency services in the area. The distance to, plus the already congested situation at St Boniface Hospital is likely to have serious implications for the health care for our residents.” -L.C.

“Concordia Hospital SAVED MY LIFE! Keep this hospital open!! Peoples LIVES depend on it.”-M.K. “It’s VERY important to keep this ER open. The community WILL suffer! Don’t make this wonderful community suffer!!!” – C.W.

“I prefer Concordia Hospital over all the others. When I have any issues with my knees I go there first, cause they are the best and have a very kind and very caring staff. Closing it will be a VERY BAD move for the North East part of the city. I would be VERY sad, and then I would not have my ultimate hospital to go to.” – K.

“Instead of closing it can we lower the prices of parking and charge casino parking lots?”-T.A. “They should keep concordia er open, until they improve the service and wait times in HSC. “ – N.O.

“I want a hospital very close by. I need to be able to see an emergency room doctor encase of health problems, in a quick and timely manner. That will NOT HAPPEN if Concordia Hospital closes down!”-M.J.

“Closing this ER will put the lives of Eastern Manitobans at risk, not just EK and Transcona. Do they need to wait until someone dies due to service access delay before they see that?”-L.J.

“I have used Concordia ER many times over my short life. At my last visit this April while waiting a man came in with chest pains who had been sent from St. Boniface ER because he had been waiting more than 6 hours in their ER. – C.V.

“Of course I am for Spain and if you want a good health sistem learn from Spanish one is much better then yours. Close this service means make more difficult the attending of the patients.” L.G.

“If an emergency occurs, and Concordia closes, the closest ER for my family and I is 20 minutes away, and in an emergency situation time is crucial to the outcome!”-L.G.

“It is sad that pallister a premier who was elected on the promise to protect front line workers then cuts hundreds of health care jobs by closing all but two emergency rooms in the city. Its not only the jobs its the thousands of manitoba citizens who depend on our health care system who depend on the ER who now are at risk due to being much further from the ER and the strain the entire citys population in need to emergency care will put on HSC and St. Boniface. Thus meaning this is not only about Concordia its about Victoria, Seven Oaks, and Misricordia. This is a situation that all of winnipeg is confronted with and we must all stand up to pallister and rally to stop the ER closures.” -J.T.

“I live on Martin because I need to be close to a hospital and this is extremely close. This is just awful…way-to-go decision makers. I’m sure you don’t even care as you have enough money to use private facilities.”- D.K. “I think this is the most moronic thing those idiots are doing. I know I don’t want to wait 12 hours in an e.r..” -B.R.

“We need to improve our wait times, not make them longer.”-C.R.

“I really support this motion in keeping the ER open because of past emergencies I’ve had, I have constant tooth pain and whenever I’d be doubled over in pain I would go to Concordia for painkillers, they’ve basically saved me when walk ins and dentists were closed!!”-G.K.

“By closing some ERs you will be sending people to a selected group of ERs that are already over crowded. And you are saying this will improve service!!!!!!!!!!!!”-G.S.

“Living with someone who has epilepsy and anaphylactic attacks, we need Concordia ER to remain open so that she does not suffocate to death because the next closest hospital is 40 minutes away.”-J.S.

“This hospital couldn’t save my grandma but it’s saved thousands upon thousands of others. Don’t punish the people, save the ER and save the patients.”-M.S. “Not a good time to get sick in Winnipeg.”-J.C. “Immediate emergency care should not be sacrificed! Lives will be lost without close emergency services. Those precious few minutes can be the difference between life and death!” -C.G.

“I have used the ER about 4 times in the last 10-15 years for gall stones, kidney stones, and stitches. Each time I was seen by a doctor in a reasonable time. The last time I went to St. Boniface, I waited 10 hours overnight to see a doctor.”-R.D.

Comments June 26th – July 7th

“I have used the ER about 4 times in the last 10-15 years for gall stones, kidney stones, and stitches. Each time I was seen by a doctor in a reasonable time. The last time I went to St. Boniface, I waited 10 hours overnight to see a doctor.” – R.D.

“As seniors, it is scary if we need to get to emergency. Keep it open please.” – G. & J. W.

“We retired from work in the north and moved to Winnipeg to be closer to family. We settled in trans Kona thinking it reminded us of a small town and that there were great services in the area. Now that concordia ER will be closed , we are second-guessing our decision. We are extremely concerned about this move. Our family has used both concordia ER and the Misericordia urgent care facility and we cannot understand how you can possibly close ERs and expect to have better service. This conservative governor is making the same mistakes the Filmin government made when it aloud non-Manitobans to make decisions for Manitobans in healthcare. History repeats itself. And not necessarily for the good.” -R.N.

“Concordia services a large area, Does not make sense that residents have to go to HSC or St. B for ER or urgent care. What about the paramedics? It could cost a life because of having to go that extra distance. Are they going to make the ER in those hospitals bigger and have more Dr”s staffed to be able to handle the extra load. Is the ICU at Concordia going to be affected by this and if so what happens to the hip/knee program? You have to have an ICU if those patients deteriorate or are they going to ship these pts elsewhere. Scary.” M.K.

“Fire Pallister.” – B.K.

“I have a big concern about not having an ER close enough to save someone who lives in the north east. I’m also concerned the PC’s have no plan but went ahead with closing hospitals. My concerns will be front and centre when I vote next time.” – G.B.

“Transcona is growing and needs a healthcare facility.” -D.N. “How can closing this emergency facility improve wait times?” – W.H. “At the *very least*, Concordia Hospital should have an Urgent Care facility, if not a full ER.” – G.B.

“I am a long time resident of Transcona.. closing Concordia will be detrimental to many lives.” L.O.

“This hospital ER serves a large area. City wise as well as rural. It would be horrible for it to close! I believe it would jeopardize lives.” – C.N.

“Don’t *@$# up the health care system. Don’t want to end up like US at the end, right?! Keep emergency open.” – D.B. (Steinbach)

“There doesn’t seem to be a plan to increase capacity at the other city ERs so it is unclear to me how the needs of the community will be met. Time is essential in treatment of true ER 9-1-1 emergencies so I do not see how having ambulances travel farther will help truly critical patients. I do support public education to understand what constitutes and emergency room visit. Finally, Concordia ER saved my son’s life twice when he had collapsed due to his lung disease.”-M.C.

“It would take an hour to get to HSC or St. B from East St. Paul in an emergency, which is obviously life-threatening compared to the 20 minutes to Concordia.” -R.L.

“My husband is severely allergic to wasp bites, Concordia is the closest hospital for us to go when he has been bitten as using an Epipen only buys a few minutes of time. Concordia Hospital is close to us easily accessible, great staff and a godsend. Don’t even think about closing their ER down.” D.&G.M.

“I think it is appalling to punish on sector of the city by denying them readily available access to emergent care. I have personally had to make use of this service for myself, my wife, my cildren when they were younger, as well as my recently deceased mom, not to forget my father who also depended on this accessibility. So we speak from experience an not theoretical osition. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Waiting times are long enough… how can the remaining proposed ER’s possibly handle such an additional volume. THIS IS SHAMEFUL AND POOR SERVICE TO OUT NORTH EAST RESIDENTS. I have been a long time conservative supporter … but now am ashamed to admit it. Let me see if I understand … to reduce wait times in ER’s let’s add another 70,000 patients to the existing overloaded capacity. BRILLIANT!!!!”- K.R.

“it is totally necessary to keep Concordia ER open for the health and welfare of the community which will then have no access to a close Emergency and lives may be in danger.” -L.O.

“The concordia ER was renovated in the last 9 years and they recently installed a new CT scanner. (in the last 2 years). These changes would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is another reason to keep it open. To be able to use the new resources that are there already in place there.” – T.S.

“Closing won’t help a single thing the government is talking about. Out of touch with the people.”-S.H.

“Well the NDP did warn you this would happen!!!!!”-R.B.

“The Concordia ER has save me from what would be a weeks worth of sharp pain in my teeth but I only had to endure this for about 13 hours until I had no choice but to go to the ER. Didn’t had to wait long to get what I needed to end the pain till I can visit my dentist. Please keep this ER open.”-K.

“This a repeat of health care in the 1980s under Gary Filmon. I think that if anyone dies because of lack of ER services in NE Wpg they should sue Mr. Palister personally and the government. That also applies if they have to wait at St. Boniface Hospital and HSC ERs.” -D.A.

“While I voted for the PC candidate, Sarah Langevin, I am now glad that she lost as she would have toed the party line on the ER closures and fed us pablum to make the closure acceptable. I very much appreciate Jim Maloway’s efforts to keep the Concordia ER open. While I understand and support the PC’s efforts in general to bring spending in line with revenues, I think savaging the medical system is not the place to start. ER rooms already have long wait times. What is going to happen when 100,000 additional patients go for help to the remaining 3 ER facilities? Wishing alone is not going to make the problem better.” – D.L.

Authorized by the Official Agent for Jim Maloway